October 18, 2019 | Noon - 6:00 PM | Kendade Atrium

At LEAP, over 200 Mount Holyoke students present about their internships and research experiences. You will hear from future policy makers, activists, entrepreneurs, data scientists, teachers, researchers, and market analysts. Most will tell stories of unmitigated success and transformative learning. Others will share details of unexpected challenges they faced, and how they were required to shift and adapt in response. Students worked in 42 countries in every imaginable field. They will discuss important issues of social justice, relate how they met challenges of communication and expression in new contexts, and talk about how to find and succeed in summer internships.

LEAP is designed to give students who aspire to undertake internships and summer research the opportunity to learn from their peers. It is also for the whole Mount Holyoke community where family, friends, faculty, staff and our alumnae come together to celebrate the work and contributions of the presenters.

We are hugely impressed by students in College 211 and inspired by their individual success and collective learning. Their work in bringing the LEAP Symposium to fruition was exceptional. We thank the faculty, staff, alumnae, donors, and internship and research providers whose contributions have make this event possible.

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Friday, October 18

12:30pm EDT

Building Healthy Communities and Public Accountability Kendade 303Ted Gilliand • Amrita Yeshi • Sam Herter • Samantha Minshall • Julianna Rankin Educating Communities on Sustainability, Waste Reduction, and the Environment Cleveland L3Ruby Maddox • Taya Robbins • Maha Ahmed • Charlotte Roach Framing the World through Media Kendade 107Eleanor Townsley • Chi Bui • Emma Rubin • Shan Jiang • Deanna Thomas Grassroots, Growth, and Government: From Policy Creation to Implementation Kendade 305Ken Tucker • Maggie Micklo • Maddie Miller • Laura Adeniyi • Maya Rhode Let's Talk about Tech Kendade 203Lisa Ballesteros • Noor Aftab • Yuanguo Lang • Yongyi Peng • Ahona Salsabil Policy from Start to Finish Clapp 407Adam Hilton • Dannye Carpenter • Kara Candler • Nina Erbes • Anna Kane • Mimi Huckins Promoting and Providing Resources to Empower Students in Local and Global Communities Clapp 218Kelley O'Carroll • Marisol Fernandez de Cordova • Melissa Johnson • Sarah Ratzlaff • Diana Jaramillo Taking Initiative: Shaping Your Internship to Match Your Passions Cleveland L2Ju Hong • Chandler Clothier • Sydney Blomstrom • Mallory Linn • Caroline Castonguay • Sarah Bloomgarden Versatility of Data Clapp 306Rick Feldman • Amal Fadoo • Layla Walker • Anya Gerasimova • Di Guo • Naaz Paul What is the Price of Knowledge? Accessibility of Information in the Arts and Academia Clapp 206Leslie Fields • Issy Bohling • Eva Jeffers • Bronte Brecht • Emily Krakow Women of Color in STEM Cleveland L1Renae Brodie • Jenny Cho • Reina Torrez-Miner • sabrina hussaini • Sophia Lewis

1:30pm EDT

An Initiative For A Healthier Future: Environment, Medicine, and Technology Clapp 306Martha Hoopes • Holly Hong • Rebecca Reichel • Cheyenne Ellis • Aleasha Jay Communicating across Cultures in Fashion, Publishing, and Education Cleveland L2Amy Rodgers • Emy McLaughlin • Emma Taylor • An Nguyen • Lilli Stordeur Empowerment through Art, Education, and Engagement Kendade 107Kirk Lange • Deborah Uller • Jai Pemmaraju • Amelia Johnson Morrissey Identifying Needs and Advocating for Vulnerable Populations Kendade 305Becky Wai-Ling Packard • Janella Damaskos • Sarah Etzel • Autumn Daggett • Riley Fitzgerald Innovation In Education: A Multi-Lens Approach to Learning Kendade 203Kelley O'Carroll • Viola Fei • Megan Walker • Joliet Morrill • Ahlaam Abbasi More than Your Major: Leveraging Your Transferable Skills Clapp 407Rick Feldman • Tianyue Liao • Minh Khuu • Cathy Li • Eva Yuhan Zhan • Minhal Khurshid Rights and Representation in Public Policy Clapp 218Roshonda Degraffenreid • Shi Dong • Yiwen Bao • Ashton Bliss • Abigail Oliver Scientific Exploration: Finding Methods in the Madness Clapp 206Jamie Church • Jane Bannish • Sophie Brill • Rebecca Marsden • Samantha Nemivant Social Media in the Modern Workplace Kendade 303Hannah Goodwin • Hanye Chen • Evelyn Li • Zoe Heard • Emma Robson Stories behind Data Cleveland L1Heather Pon-Barry • Angela Cheng • Logi (Jiehui) Luo • Tzujung Hung • Ranjani Ramanathan • Lynn Zhu The Power of Communication: Supporting Developers, the Visually Impaired, Consumers, and Corporate Employees Cleveland L3James Harold • Lydia Li Zuan Cheah • Macie Grissom • Miel Marwah • Tenzing Tashishar

2:45pm EDT

Bridging Science, Policy, and Community to Tackle Global Environmental and Health Issues Kendade 303Maria Gomez • Lilydahn • Kathy Hu • Destiny Treloar • Jiayun Zhong Community Betterment through Data Analysis Kendade 203Rick Feldman • Zohar Berman • Sophia Verducci • Samyukta Jadeja • Sara Sarmiento First Times: Researching in an Intergenerational Workplace Clapp 206Jennifer Wallace Jacoby • Carmen Lu • Madi McDermott • Robin Kerr • Lareina Wang From Managerial Economics to Biomedical Sciences: Formulating Careers Through Research Cleveland L1Craig Woodard • Emily Kellogg • Rachel Mansky • Yi Zhang • Sharon Mai Learning from Experience: Perspectives on Teaching from Non-Educational Fields Clapp 218Holly Hanson • Sophie Jacobs • Maren McKenna • Mikayla Wales • Susannah Lickus Non-Traditional Internships: Arts for Audiences Kendade 305Noah Tuleja • Sarah Dauer • Sophie Kitch-Peck • Olivia Wrobleski • Statz Tatsumi Saines Taking Mount Holyoke to the World: Building and Imparting Confidence Clapp 407Valerie Barr • Rushna Sukhera • Micaela Pierce • Andrea Gutierrez • Masha Lifshits Tech Savvy: Using the Internet for the Creative Process Cleveland L3Ayca Zayim • Cynthia Gonzalez • Verity O'Connell • Xinyu Zhang • Shanze Hasan Translating a Liberal Arts Education into a Career in Business, Tech, and Finance Clapp 306Timothy Chumley • Nhu Do • Yi Zhou • Jiaxuan Ji • Ngan Tran Working for Wild: Supporting and Sustaining our Environment Cleveland L2Thomas Clark • Emi Fleming • Indra Rapinchuk-Souccar • Anna Brabazon • Olive Oswald Writing the Rules: Ethics and Viability in Journalism Today Kendade 107Eleanor Townsley • Savannah Harriman-Pote • Emily Pollack • Olivia Marble • Casey Roepke

3:45pm EDT

Access for Vulnerable Communities Clapp 407Adriana Pitetta • Katlyn Grover • Natasha Henry • Ambar Mejia-Villagra • Nohelya Zambrano Adapting to a STEM Environment Cleveland L1Himali Jayathilake • pooja kundaje • Olivia Paden • Anna Ryack • Deena Chohan Calm through the Chaos: The Necessity of CS Mentorship in 2019 Clapp 218Heather Pon-Barry • Anne-Gail Moreland • Emma Nguyen • Anh Pham • Tiffany Tang Circles of Social Sustainability: The Environmental, Cultural, Political and Economic Kendade 107Satyananda Gabriel • Savana Wang • Eraj Cantamantu-Koomson • Esther Kim • Helena Littman Healthcare across Borders Cleveland L2Katie Lipp • Alicia Gonzalez • Arina Kazakova • Ileana Fournier Imagination to Reality: A Taste of the Future Clapp 306Amy Rodgers • Kayla Bonanno • Lingfei Gao • Madeleine Olson • Fiona Reynolds-Cornell Maximizing Performance & Strategies for Corporations and Startups Kendade 305Becky Wai-Ling Packard • Rehmiyan Khan • Lerato Mashale • Radhika Poddar • Shirley Chen Moving into Digital: Journalism and Social Media Kendade 203Hannah Goodwin • Flori Needle • Morgan Turner • Ahlia Dunn • Camila Le Multi-Dimensional Communication Clapp 206Esther Castro • Joy Keat • Teah Medellin • Fangqian Xu • Ruiting Huang Objects: From Conception to Conservation Kendade 303Aaron Miller • Lauren Ferrara • Lila Oren-Dahan • Clare Shaw • Ann Hewitt Shaping: Narrative, Representation & Power in Art and Cultural Memory Cleveland L3Kate Singer • Stephanie Brioukova • Cassie Pawlikowski • Rachel Kim • Emily Roles Fotso

4:45pm EDT

Dynamix in Social Services Kendade 303Karen Jacobus • Alma Bartnik • Erica Discala • Michelle A Mears-Harry • Christina Cassidy Empowering Ourselves and Others through Education Cleveland L2Angelica Castro • Regina Carey • Emely Minino Soto • Abby McNally • Amirah Winston Engaging Communities: The Complexities of Data, Health, Education and Resources Cleveland L3Rick Feldman • Theodosia Adu-Awuah • Sukhneet Kaur • Tumi Moloto • Tess Tuitoek • Tiyana Mitchell From Learners to Leaders: Confirming Your Professional Path Clapp 306Adriana Pitetta • Abby Watkins • Haluwa Jefwa • Zara Malik • Megan Michaels How Humans Work: Combining Diverse Fields to Better Understand Ourselves Kendade 305Holly Hanson • Mahin Hasan • Amrita Reddy • Lainie Laronde • Xinyi Wan Overcoming the Unexpected Clapp 218Barbara Dalton Rotundo • Sofia Lis • Ellie Norman • Isabelle Wohlin • Allison Kelley Serving Disadvantaged Communities Through Education, Law, and Policy Clapp 206Ayca Zayim • Maria Maria Castillo • Rae Drossel • Estefhani Tavarez • Gabrielle Perry Tech is Not Just Coding Cleveland L1Janet Slocum • Kate Meacham • Clara Richter • Madeline Fitzgerald • Minhail Khan The Art of Storytelling Kendade 107Paul Staiti • Cora Melcher • Brigit Wolf • Gabrielle Spano • Megan Ferrara The Gears of a Nonprofit Kendade 203Andrew Reiter • Helen Eldred • Mae Ertl • Anna Baynton • Luciany Capra The Real Deal: Making Sustainability Work, at Home and Abroad Clapp 407Serin Houston • Emma Himmelberger • Dinah Schipper • Anna Stone • Christine Skroski